Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skateboarding Graphics

3 sets to choose from!  
As always, sizes can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Set 1: Each skater measures about 12" tall.  
Sample below would be $21 and includes customized name. 
(I can also take "skate board" off the skater if you prefer.)
Just Skaters - Set of 5 for $18 or $4 each. 

Set 2: 12" tall
Set of 5 for $18 or $4 each. 

Set 3: 9" tall
Set of 5 for $18 or $4 each.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New square designs

Just a couple new designs...

Vinyl Trees

Some ideas include: 
Wall Murals
Place on a magnet board for Wedding Money Tree

You can choose the leaves/flowers(8) to be a separate color than the trunk for an additional cost.  
Price is  $.05 per square inch for each color.  Please e-mail for a price quote.


This was done for a friend's car window - We drew it and scanned it in to make it a sticker!  Not all drawings will work but if you have something in mind... just ask!  

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