Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas - Square Designs

Here are some pre-designed Christmas ideas for glass blocks, tiles or wood!

6x6 - (fits the 8" glass blocks)
One-color - $3.00
Two-color - $4.00

(Custom designs and sizes are also available!)


Unknown said...

do these go on the front or the inside of the glass?

Heather said...

Hi Lizanne! I can do either... it just depends on what you are putting them on. For wood, tiles or the glass shower blocks you would want them on the front. If you want them on the inside of a frame or window for example, I can reverse the image.

Lisa said...

Are you still making these? I would Love to order a few, however I would prefer just a short Bible scripture or Christian based quote, so the blocks could be used all year.

Heather said...

Hi Lisa, yes I can make these, or any custom decal you would like! Email me and I can get samples going for you.

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